What We Do


Zidane Property aims to identify opportunities it can enhance with its vision of high quality design, lead schemes to unlock the true value in each. We achieve this by working closely with all stakeholder of a project considering every detail to ensure nothing is overlooked. Deploying our own capital alongside, private and institutional funders we ensure that full commitment is provided on a micro level to produce optimum results.


Our development interests span across residential, commercial and retail sectors with a view of identifying niche opportunities within each. We believe the key to a commercially viable and successful development is to appraise each site on its own merits using local knowledge whilst considering external influences that may add additional zest. We understand that an ever-changing marketplace is not suitable for a one solution fits all approach therefore we are always prudent to ensure we are well placed to react as circumstance dictates. We feel that this degree of flexibility is one of our strongest assets when approaching a development project.

We actively manage our developments from inception to completion. Our first hand involvement in the development process from site acquisition, through construction to letting or sale allows us to implement our ethos of producing beautiful spaces that produce a positive effect on its surroundings and in turn leaves our legacy (however big or small)


Our investment arm look to seek out prime opportunities across a number of asset classes concentrating on income producing properties with the potential to provide added value. We are particularly interested in “unloved” buildings that allow us to implement a crossover of our development expertise as we feel the key to driving increases in the rental value is through refurbishment programmes that make intelligent use of space and deliver high yielding assets.

Once an asset is identified careful due diligence is undertaken to ensure every potential risk is considered and managed before initiating the acquisition process. The investments may be in the form of our own developed, retained stock or a standalone opportunity where we would look to invest our own capital or co-invest alongside a partner. Our ethos is to build a structured portfolio of holdings combining assets in the short term, in areas we anticipate strong growth, medium term and long term to provide the optimum results.


We love making friends! We are always on the look out to form partnership with others where we feel we can enhance a situation. This could be in the form of a building or land owners who wants to realise the potential of their asset, investors who want to make their cash work for them or architects that want to let their imaginations run wild. We neuter these relationships through transparent open dialog allowing a strong bond to be built so all parties can work closely together in a fruitful and trusting manner. We believe a strong relationships can achieve great things.